Sunday, 20 November 2011

A terrible night our

It was a hot and sunnydat today ,and what I’ve planned a week ago will come true, and I like it so much! Me with my other friends, jimmy,lisa,suzy and brian are planned to go to the waterfall, and will spend a night at there. The whole day and night before we departure, we prepare all the things we need. We have packed all the things into my 4x4, and depature at 11am. Till we reached there at 2pm, I’m the first person jump into the cold water, and the water was cold as cold as ice,and very clean and clear. But then, I climb up back to build up our tenth. As we buith up, brian and suzy went to the jungle to find woods and build up a fire camp. As they went to the jungle, me,lisa and jimmy jump into the waterfall and after half an hour, they come back. We’re enjoying unti sunset , and make a five camp. At night, after we take our dinner, suddenly the wind become aggressive, and the rain to fall. All of us ran to our tent and stayed calm. The wind almost to pulled out. All of us were friglitened, the lighting intersecting the sky. All of us afaid to sleep as the storm only stop in the dusk. When we go out from our tent, we see a horrible scene that one big tree almost hit our tent. At that time, we are thankful to god because save us from being hit by the tree. That was a terrible night dor ours.

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